Adams St. Family Campus

The reasons for homelessness vary. A layoff. Instability resulting from addiction. Domestic violence. At the Adams St. Family Campus, we work with families to overcome problems, make changes, and find affordable housing and employment.


Hunger and homelessness is a crisis, especially for children. Without a stable home and the most basic needs, they are vulnerable to many problems – and a continued cycle of instability. Our newest location, the Adams St. Family Campus, puts all the support and services a family needs into one beautiful space, a woodsy, light-filled environment where healing and transformation are fostered. Here, families and single women are housed for up to two years, with intensive resources provided.

In addition to 16 family size apartments, Adams St. offers 20 rooms for emergency shelter.


At the center of our services are case managers who meet weekly with clients. Together, they set goals, check on progress and make plans to move to permanent housing. In many cases, homelessness and unemployment are the result of addiction, so drug and alcohol rehabilitation is provided. Many residents here also participate in our Women & Family New Life Program, which includes life skills classes. Partnerships with local schools and universities and other social service organizations supplement our work, offering additional case management, basic finance classes and employment resources.


When a child doesn’t know where he will sleep tomorrow or if she’ll get to eat the next day, stability is impossible. By providing children meals and a safe, secure home, we are able to help kids as well as their mothers.

Children living at our Adams St. Family Campus have access to a complete Child & Youth Program, with after-school tutoring and activities such as art projects, games, reading and more. Equally important, children learn how to grow vegetables in a community garden, prepare meals and experience being a kid with sports, crafts and other fun-filled activities. Summer offers additional opportunities for children with camping trips, mission trips and team-building activities designed to build self- esteem. 

The Adams St. Family Campus Opening Video 

“Here at The Rescue Mission we believe—not just in solving the social problems, but in doing things in a way that creates big dreams for families. That kids who have no dreams or no sense that there is a tomorrow have a new idea of what the future can hold.”
The Rescue Mission's Adams 2012 photosetThe Rescue Mission's Adams 2012 photoset